Regulations and Compliance

New Regulations for Rented Houses

Current minimum standards for rental accommodation with limited exceptions apply to all private rental residential accommodation as well as voluntary housing and local authority units.

The expanded role of the private rented sector in meeting the needs of low-income households have contributed to growing concerns about the standard of accommodation provided in this tenure and the treatment afforded to tenants, particularly at the lower end of the market.

The Social Housing Strategy 2020 sets out actions and targets to increase the supply of social housing and a vision where every household has access to secure and good quality housing.

Inspex' experience with inspecting thousands of private rental properties over the past several years on behalf of local authorities has highlighted potential health and safety concerns in many rental properties.  

According to DHPLG 'It is now considered appropriate to review, consolidate and update the current regulations to bring them into line with modern standards'.

While the safety issues that Inspex has identified do not currently come under the scope of the minimum Rental Standards, in our opinion, consideration must be given to including additional measures in the Regulations.

Comments and observations of organisations are invited in a Review of Housing (Standards for Rented Houses) Regulations 2017.  Inspex' submission to DHPLG includes the following recommendations;

  • Article 5 Structural Condition
    • Habitable & Inner Rooms
    • Guarding & Protection from falling
  • Article 11 Fire Safety
    • Impaired Mobility
    • Window Restrictors
    • Attic Conversions