Inspection Services

Speciality Inspections

Inspex provides several speciality property inspections that fall outside the scope of public sector inspection.

Thermal Imaging Inspection

Thermal imaging cameras are a  versatile tool when carrying out building inspections. On request, our Inspectors use thermal cameras as part of a property inspection to identify problems within the building fabric that may not otherwise be obvious.

Property Condition Inspection

A direct visual observation determines whether there are any existing or potential conditions that could impact the value of the property. This inspection, lists items that need to be repaired or replaced and provides a detailed report on the condition of the structural components, exterior, roofing, plumbing, electrical, heating, insulation and ventilation etc.

Home Buyers Inspection

When it comes to a real estate transaction, buyers usually have many questions they want answered. Purchasing a home is a huge financial commitment and not something to take lightly.  That’s why pre-sale home inspections are so popular because they help a buyer make an informed decision, and there is more transparency. When considering buying a new or pre-owned home, it’s in a home-buyer's best interest to have a knowledgeable professional on their side to evaluate the condition of the property.

Bank/Insurance/Lending Companies Inspection

The increase in foreclosures has driven buyers, individuals and companies to need more comprehensive documentation for mortgage purposes. Choosing Inspex Inspectors to verify a property's condition before qualifying a property's value is easy with our Inspex Inspection Team.