Who is Inspex for


With what might seem as forever changing rules and regulations, being a landlord today can be a tougher job than most realise. But ensuring rental properties meet minimum accommodation standards, as per Government Regulations, couldn't be easier when you choose Inspex' inspection and verification service.

As a landlord you have a right to inspect the property and regular inspections should be carried out at reasonable intervals on an agreed date and time with the tenant.

Experienced landlords have their fair share of tenant horror stories some of which can be avoided with careful planning and management. But despite best efforts disputes can arise between landlords and their tenants.

Having an Inspex inspection completed on commencement of a new tenancy can make a difference. The Inspex Report is a checklist that acts as evidence of the state of repair of the property (both inside and out) on the date you sign a tenancy agreement. Both parties, landlord and tenant, keep a copy of the ‘Report’ until the end of the tenancy. The Inspex Report with supporting images confirms the property's condition and compliance with minimum accommodation standards.

We recommend a landlord gets an inspection completed on commencement of a new tenancy and again when the tenant exits. The Inspex Exit Report helps a landlord compare the property’s condition from the beginning to the end of the tenancy. It may also be used to claim some or all of the security deposit for cleaning, damage, or replacement of missing items.

The Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) deals with the majority of disputes between landlords and tenants but the disputing parties are required to submit evidence to support their claims.

If your tenant is in receipt of a housing supplement, payments may be suspended by a Local Authority if the inspection of the property shows the accommodation does not meet the minimum accommodation requirements for rental properties.

All PRS accommodation must meet minimum accommodation standards. It is a landlord's responsibility to ensure a rental property meets minimum accommodation standards and complies with the current Housing (Standards for Rented Houses) Regulations 2019 as well as with all other relevant legislation.

The Government’s Action Plan - Rebuilding Ireland - identified the rented sector as a key component to solving the housing crisis. With the demand for rented accommodation growing the quality of rental accommodation is critical to the success of this residential sector. Consistent and fair enforcement of standards is also critical. Compliant and responsible landlords are entitled, wherever they are providing quality accommodation to know that statutory standards are being enforced and that the non-compliant irresponsible landlord will be detected through a system of regular inspection.