Who is Inspex for

Letting Agents

Inspex provides letting agents and their client landlords with PRS inspection services that verify minimum accommodation standards. Choosing an experienced partner like Inspex makes the job of ensuring rental properties meet standards east. Our end-to-end bespoke solution combined with our property expertise ensures the best possible outcome for the achievement of inspection and compliance targets.

The Government’s Action Plan - Rebuilding Ireland - identified the rented sector as a key component to solving the housing crisis. Consistent and fair enforcement of standards is critical to the success of this residential sector. Compliant and responsible landlords are entitled, wherever they are providing quality accommodation to know that statutory standards are being enforced and that the non-compliant irresponsible landlord will be detected through a system of regular inspection.

Landlords are responsible for the maintenance and repair of a dwelling and the equipment within it arising from wear and tear associated with normal use. Tenants are required to exercise due care when using the dwelling and are responsible for the repair of damage that is not attributable to normal use.

Experienced landlords have their fair share of tenant horror stories some of which can be avoided with careful planning and management. But despite best efforts disputes can arise between landlords and their tenants.

Our standardised inspection practices capture a property's condition vis-à-vis Government standards. Inspex is the only company to have developed mobile technology that evaluates a rented property against Housing (Standards for Rented Houses) Regulations 2019.

Having an Inspex inspection completed on commencement of a new tenancy can be significant. The Inspex Report with supporting images captures a property's condition and compliance with minimum accommodation standards.