who is Inspex for

Local Authorities

Choosing an experienced out-source partner like Inspex makes the job of ensuring private rented properties meet minimum accommodation standards easy. Our end-to-end bespoke solution combined with our property expertise ensures the best possible outcome for the achievement of inspection and compliance targets.

Compliant and responsible landlords are entitled, wherever they are providing quality accommodation to know that statutory standards are being enforced and that the non-compliant irresponsible landlord will be detected through a system of regular inspection.

A report by the National Oversight and Audit Commission (NOAC) on the inspection of private rented accommodation indicates low rates of inspection of the private rental stock, low rates of compliance and little consistency in the approach to implementing the regulations across local authorities.

Even with ring-fenced funding for inspections, resource constraints mean local authorities are experiencing difficulties establishing proactive PRS inspection programmes. Government targets to achieve 25% annual inspection coverage of rental properties by 2021 are still possible but only with the right out-sourcing partner.

Already the preferred choice for several Local Authorities, for others choosing Inspex to increase the number of PRS inspections isn't difficult. Additionally our property team is on hand to answer any queries throughout the process.